Millennium Rooms

Meeting Agenda & Minutes - UNDER CONSTRUCTION


The Millennium Rooms Management Committee (MRMC) meets every 6 weeks, and includes Parish Councillors, the Manager of the Roseland Visitor Centre (RVC), a representative of St Mawes Art Group and the Harbour Lights Committee, the Caretaker, the Parish Clerk plus a co-opted member if required. Its function is to:


  • Oversee the hire and promotion of the Millennium Function Room
  • Oversee the management and maintenance of the Millennium Rooms
  • Ensure that health & safety policies and procedures are up to date and carried out
  • Consider charges for use of the facilities
  • Make recommendations to the Parish Council for adoption



The Millennium Rooms is a public building built for local people by local people. It was a Millennium Project supported by funds from the National Lottery. It houses the Parish Clerk's office, the Millennium Function Room, the Roseland Visitor Centre, storage for both the St Mawes Art Group and the Harbour Lights committee. Additionally there is an office for the Car Park and RVC managers, and a further office which is commercially let.