Roseland Visitor Centre


The Roseland Visitor Centre (RVC) committee meets every 6 weeks and includes Parish Councillors, the RVC Manager, an RVC volunteers' representative, the caretaker, plus co-opted members of the local business community. Its role is to:

  • Make recommendations to the Parish Council for adoption
  • Review the RVC manager's report
  • Review the income from business advertising, stock sales, commissions and donations
  • Consider further ways of generating income
  • Receive recommendations from the volunteers' representative
  • Receive recommendations from the caretaker


The RVC is housed on the ground floor of the Millennium Rooms. The Parish Council employs a Manager and Assistant Manager who are supported on a day to day basis by a team of local volunteers. Its function is to:


  • Take bookings for the Millennium Function Room, the tennis court, community bus and certain ticketed events
  • Promote local accommodation and provide a booking service
  • Provide information for members of the public
  • Promote local events
  • Promote local businesses through a map, guide, website and social media