Community Land

St Just in Roseland Parish Council

St Mawes Harbour
Ship&Castle Hotel, St Mawes
Toward Summers Beach, St Mawes
Pomerys Garage, St Mawes
Idle Rocks & Tredenham Road, St Mawes
Old Petrol Pumps, Kings Road, St Mawes


Voluntary Registered Titles for Community Land owned by St Just in Roseland Parish Council as at 2016

Land Registry Title Deed CL280942 dated 20th September 2011

The freehold land - St Mawes Recreation Ground

Land Registry Title Deed CL278227 dated 27th January 2011

The freehold land – St Just in Roseland Playing Field

The land was gifted to the Parish Council by the Davis Gilbert Estate (conveyance dated 9th July 1973).

Land Registry Title Deed CL277125 dated 5th November 2010

The freehold land being the land and foreshore lying south of Tredenham Road, St Mawes granted by deed by Mr K Richardson 5th November 2010

Land Registry Title Deed CL275196 dated 3rd August 2010

The freehold land being land lying to the west of Pedn Moran, St Mawes by conveyance from Messes Spry, Coode, Meinertxhagen and Weir dated 15th July 1929.

Land Registry Title Deed CL280937 dated 9th May 2011

Bohella Bank, Lower Hillhead, St Mawes.

Land Registry Title Deed CL281096 dated 16th May 2011

1.  The freehold land being the Memorial Hall, St Mawes dated 16th May 2011

2.  The land is subject to the rights granted by conveyance of land on the north and south sides of the land in this title dated 14th November 1960 with Mrs VM Marshall.

Land Registry Title Deed CL172610 – Land adjoining St Mawes Car Park

Land exchanged with Truro RDC including Millennium Rooms site and the sites of the Billiard and Social Club and St Mawes Memorial Hall at Hillhead, purchased in 1950 for which the Parish Council is Trustee, also including the picnic and public seating area.

The Parish Council bought the Willow Garden from the Spry Estate in 1936

TRDC bought the land between Hillhead and the Car Park in 50s

Proof of Spry ownership 1926.

1. Sams Bank, Tredenham Road purchased 1979

2. Commander Martins Corner (The Coppice) gifted by Mr Moseley 27/04/1981

3. Foreshore and land, public seating area from the highway to foreshore from Sams Bank to The Coppice, Seafront, St Mawes (total Idle Rocks to Polvarth Point).

4. The Public Trustee (Spry Estate) to Parish Council 26/09/1978

5. Summers Beach

6. Triangle of land at Church Hill, adjacent to The Mount, Gibraltar Terrace (formally known as Granny Green’s Drying Area).

7. Licence for right of way through Harbour View to St Just Playing Field from TRDC to PC dated 25/11/70.

8. Footpath from St Austell Row to Pedn Moran gifted by deed by Mrs S Weir on 9th June 1937.

9. The Holy Well, Grove Hill, St Mawes gifted by Mrs Margaret Pollard..

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