Recreation Grounds & Open Spaces

St Just in Roseland Parish Council


The parish of St Just in Roseland owns two recreation grounds, one in St Mawes at the top of the main car park and one in St Just in Roseland accessed from Harbour View. Both grounds are managed by groups of volunteers. The parish also owns a number of public spaces.

St Mawes Recreation Ground Committee.

Chairman: Mr Charlie Pridmore 

The recreation Ground is situated at the top of the carpark and consists of several acres of land including a large amount of woodland. It provides the following recreational facilities.

•Tennis court. The court can be booked at the Visitor Centre. There is a tennis club. To join contact Linda Pridmore 01326 270910.

•The Playgroup meet in their building on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday for more information contact Linda Pridmore 01326 270910

•There is a children’s play area with swings, a slide, a play house, a seesaw and a roundabout.

•An Adventure trail through the woods.

•A skateboard ramp.

•A zip wire.

•Footpaths run through the woodland.

•Space to kick a football around with goals.

•In the wood there is a BBQ area.

•A footpath which contains mosaics representing many different village organisations.

St Just in Roseland Recreation Ground, TR2 5HB

This playing field is managed on behalf of the community by the St Just Institute Committee.

Chairperson : Mrs Paula Rosewall

Secretary: Ms Julie Symonds


The recreation ground is a wonderful open space with excellent children's play equipment.  In 2015 the committee successfully applied for a grant from SITA to add new and upgrade the existing play equipment. In 2016 the works were completed and there are swings, slides, climbing frames, a  balance beam, roundabout, football nets and seating areas to enjoy.

St Mawes Harbour
Ship&Castle Hotel, St Mawes
Toward Summers Beach, St Mawes
Pomerys Garage, St Mawes
Idle Rocks & Tredenham Road, St Mawes
Old Petrol Pumps, Kings Road, St Mawes

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